My Tribute To Steve Jobs

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Goodbye Steve Jobs

I was shocked when I wanted to search for something in Google and noticed under the search form the name of Steve Jobs. I had a bad feeling and I suspected the worst being aware of his ill health but I finally gathered enough courage and navigated to The Apple page and met the horrible news.

Although he is no more among us, yet his name will live forever in our minds, in the history of technological advancements and in a lot of human world. [Read more...]

For God’s Sake Help Flood Victims In Serbia, Bosnia And Croatia!

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Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Need Your Help!

Please Read To The End To See How You Can Help!

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Myths Of SEO Solved By Matt Cutts

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I like and love to frequent Webpronews since I always gather very valuable information about the latest developments in internet marketing especially when it come to search engine optimization.

matts cutts busted seo myths

When I say search engine optimization I mean Google!

The world of current Webmasters is divided into 2 groups. Those who love Google (read Cutts) and those who hate his damn guts. I was in the later group until today.

Why I Hated Matt Cutts Guts?

I started internet marketing in 2007 thanks to an accidental friend of mine who introduced me to affiliate marketing and would later become a permanent friend forever. I owe him a lot.

Back then I was making enough money to cater for the needs of my family and my children who as luck would have it are now amateur boxing champions of my country in their age groups. Maybe I should let them pay a visit to Mr. Matts “Google” Cutts! A joke would harm no one would it?
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Matt Cutts Declares War On Guest Blogging

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I have not written a post for a long time for reasons I will outline later on. Today I cannot but share this post with my readers and everyone else who might find it useful.


Seasoned webmasters (as I love sometimes to say) are or should I say were aware of the power of guest blogging on highly authoritative sites in order to promote their sites either to make more money or to gain exposure or something else.
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How To Spin Your Articles Fast

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To Get The Magic Article Spinner –> Click Here!

how to spin articles easily

Source: Best Article Spinner Software.

Download this infographic.

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WordPress Dynamic Sidebars Plugins

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WordPress dynamic sidebars plugins are readily available either free or paid but one thing that is common with all of them is that they give your wordpress powered websites or blogs unique characteristics which may be useful for SEO purposes if you know how to use them properly.

SEO Functions Of WordPress Dynamic Sidebars

As a webmaster your major goal is to be able to make your website or those of your clients to be in the #1 position on the major search engines with an accent on Google. We know that uniqueness is a key factor with Mr. “Big G” and you would want to please, woo and convince him that your sites and those you manage have some value.
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What To DO If You Are Hit By Goole’s Penguin?

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I have not posted any post on this blog for a long time now due to the fact that I simply have not yet got any tangible information to provide for my loyal readers and at the same time spending my time with my newly acquired friends. I have in all my posts been saying that I will share my experience whether bad or good. Well here is a combination of everyone of them.

I will first focus on the bad news and then on the good ones. That’s me. I love bad news first and then good news later.

Ever since Google decided to weed out low quality sites, we have seen a lot of mixed opinions. While some were appraising the move others were furious and calling Google and its employees “names” with Matt Cutts taking the lion share of the “naming ceremony” thing. I have even read words such as “lunatics”, “internet dictators” etc… but c’mmon guys!
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Only Fools And Horses

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While I was trying to write this post I couldn’t think of a fitting title then I remembered one of my favorite TV series that used to be aired a long time ago. I still couldn’t figure out why the series was titled “Only Fools And Horses” since there was nothing to relate to horses.

Only Fools And Horses Lipizzaner breed

As Google rolls out algos after algos so does the time I spend sitting by my computer increase while trying to check my major money sites for possible hits and if any try to fix it accordingly. I don’t think I have ever visited Google Webmaster Tools or the forum than in the past year. [Read more...]

Google To Slap Exact Match Domains

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Here we go again! I got an email today 29.09.2012 from a webmaster forum of which I am a member and discovered that another Google uproar may be on the horizon. It is all about the latest Matt Cutts tweet where he says:

“Minor weather report: small upcoming Google algo change will reduce low-quality “exact-match” domains in search results.”

As usual, this tweet brought a lot of reactions. While some people applaud it, others were furious as you can judge from the comments and reactions. I especially like the reaction of a guy named Daniel Foley who suggested that Cutts should sometimes go and have a beer. [Read more...]

Looking to Start an Online Business? Check Out Affiliate Marketing

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If you are looking for a “no-maintenance-needed” kind of business, affiliate marketing might just be for you. If you approach it correctly, affiliate marketing can make you a fortune over the long run. A lot of sellers have been successful with this strategy, and even more are on their way. Quite a few online sellers who are currently using affiliate marketing as their main source of income, have become millionaires through their Internet-based businesses. Affiliate marketing can certainly make you that much money. But, despite the rumors that you don’t have to do anything as an affiliate, you will have to put in quite a bit of effort, just as you would with any other company. [Read more...]

Cashing In As An Amazon Associate – Techniques For Making Money

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If you are interested in Internet Marketing you have probably heard about affiliate marketing. Hands down, if you want to start affiliate marketing with a bang, the Amazon Associates program will help you start earning money. Affiliate marketing programs are a dime a dozen, but the Amazon Associates program is one to reckon with. Shoppers trust Amazon, plus, there are many ways that you can make money with the affiliate program everyday. Of course that doesn’t mean that Amazon itself is going to do the work for you. To boost your earnings using the Amazon Associates program, use these tips on how to become a better affiliate marketer.

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